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apostrophe campaigns is an agency on a mission.

We care that the world is more liberal, open and cooperative. We care that our country, communities and neighbours have progressive and democratic choices on the ballot paper.

We ferociously believe in equal rights and will do everything we can to progress and increase opportunities for women and girls, especially in politics, public service and the creative industries.

We believe the world is stronger together and we love working with our European neighbours and international friends to create a more sustainable, friendly world. We don't like Brexit — at all.


We want to protect the oceans we swim in, the air we breathe, the forests we walk in and the planet we live on. 

We want every child to grow up with the ability to express their creativity, and we want every school, theatre, museum and art gallery to encourage children to play, sing, act, dance, draw, paint, write and direct. 


All of this matters to us. That's why, every year, Apostrophe Campaigns' Social Mission Project provides free or discounted support to liberal, progressive, democratic, environmental, educational or creative causes around the world that we believe passionately about.​​

To apply for support from Apostrophe's Social Mission Project, email


Some of the movements we're proud to have supported. 

A Little, Often

Manchester, UK

Non-profit organisation supporting small charities in collecting donations across Greater Manchester.

Shakespeare at Home


Free creative and educational resources for low-income parents during the Covid-19 national lockdown.

Stop Brexit & People's Vote

United Kingdom

Campaign for a second referendum on the UK's membership of the EU with 'Remain' on the ballot paper.



A Mate Doesn't Let A Mate Skip The Vaccine: Campaign to boost COVID-19 vaccination rates with under 30s.

Together for Yes & REPEAL


Campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland – legalising abortion.

Democrats 66 (D66)


Netherland's liberal, democratic and pro-European party. Pushes for greater devolved powers, electoral reform and stronger equal rights for minority groups.


United Kingdom

Charity supporting women and children fleeing domestic violence.

Liberal Democrats

United Kingdom

Britain's liberal, social-democratic and pro-European political party. Renowned for being the only vocal opponents of the Iraq War, and Brexit. Supports proportional voting in the UK.

Letitia James for Attorney General

United States

Campaign to elect Letitia James as Attorney General of New York – the first woman of colour elected statewide anywhere in America.

Now for NI

Northern Ireland

Campaign to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland – the last remaining part of the UK where women's healthcare was still illegal.

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